We assist institutions and individuals at each stage of their real estate project.

Housing lease

  • Unpaid rent and éviction
  • Validation and chalenge of leave
  • Derogatory leases
  • Unsalubrity procedure

Commercial lease

  • Negociation of commercial lease
  • Renewal of lese and setting of rent
  • Leave with or without eviction allowance
  • Transfer of business


  • Recovery of co-ownership charges
  • Property seizure
  • Disputes of general meetings of co-owners
  • Neighborhood disorders


  • Judicial expertise
  • Manufacturer’s responsibility
  • Concession agreements

A landlord discovers that his tenant has repeatedly sublet his apartment for several months on Airbnb. After gathering the evidence on the rental site and from neighbors, we took the tenant to court to sanction the sublet carried out without the lessor’s written consent.

Rental of furnished tourist accommodation – Case study

A property owner wishes to transform his residence into a furnished tourist rental. We verify the regularity of the project, particularly with regard to the co-ownership regulations. After validation of this first step, the firm takes the necessary steps with the city council and the taxes regulator.

Determination of eviction indemnity – Case study

An automobile technical inspection company which has been operating its business for several years is subject to a leave with refusal of renewal from its lessor. We ensure that they remain in the premises until the payment of a fair compensation is made by the lessor.

Negotiating Commercial Rent – Case study

A fast food company that has experienced a significant decline in its activity wishes to take advantage of the renewal of its lease to lower its rent. We assist our client in this negotiation with the lessor by arguing that the decline in clientele over the past three years is linked to a change in local factors of commerciality.

Load-bearing walls – Case study

A couple who have just bought an apartment to renovate want to demolish a load-bearing wall. We secure their project by triggering a general meeting of co-owners with the aim of authorizing the work.

Seizure of real estate – Case study

A syndicate of co-owners is in difficulty with a co-owner who has not paid his expenses for several years. We intervene to trigger the general meeting decision authorizing to act towards the seizure and forced sale of the appartment of the co-owner.

Construction delay and poor workmanship – Case study

An property owner buys land and has his main residence built there. Quickly, the site is significantly behind schedule and defects are on the increase. We secure the project by ensuring that reservations are reported during acceptance operations and by engaging the responsibility of the various construction stakeholders.

New construction – Case study

Several residents of a residential area see their living environment threatened by the construction of a large-scale housing complex. We support them by having a judicial expert appointed and negotiate with the promoter in order to obtain fair compensation for noise pollution and loss of sunlight caused by the construction.

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